Appearances, Seminars, Interviews and Panels

Humor and Engagement on The Social Recruiting Show

Recruiting Panel at Golden Gate University the focus was on Interview Etiquette but the conversation expands from the initial topic.

Speaking on better ways for candidates to work with recruiters at the HTML5 Conference in San Francisco.

Webinar on Actively Creating a Passive Candidate Pipeline.

Mixing it up as a guest on the Animal Recruiting Show. I guess I didn’t learn my lesson, as I went back for a second round. It is always a fun time!

Nicholas Livingston, a major player in the HR world is working on an amazing new platform for interviewing candidates called HoneIt. I got a chance to see it in action and be a subject of an interview evaluation. My interview and results can be found here.

Occasionally, I get asked about recruiting and recruiting styles. Here I get interviewed about Dribble for Here’s another of me being commenting on sourcing from Github, also through Dice. Oh, and here I am in Digital Trends Webzine getting quoted on using digital/social media for staffing. Newmann isn’t the right spelling but it is still me, being quoted on how to tell a candidate they didn’t make it on Jobvite’s Blog.

I have also been a featured speaker at Sourcecon, where I spoke about finding the human in your candidate and in the hiring managers you’re supporting.


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