Some Recommendations of my Work

Here is a sample of the over 50 recommendations I have on LinkedIn. I included one director, one candidate, one direct manager and one peer. My LinkedIn Profile contains more in each category and from every place I have ever worked.
Justin Foster
General Manager, West at Mobiquity, Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Jeff for two years to build the staff for a new region for our Boston based firm here in the West. Jeff moved to California and even without an established network of candidates, Jeff was quickly able to fill the candidate pipeline and help place close to 50 people in our new office. It’s probably unfair for me to talk about his pipeline, because frankly, I stopped looking at it. I did not need to. Jeff took the time to deeply understand the cultural and technical needs of the hiring managers and of myself, so I can with all honesty say that I very seldom met someone for a role that I did not want to hire. After a while I stopped looking at pipeline and interview count stats because I did not need to; all I saw was the best of the best that had been prescreened so well that I almost always had the difficult decision to make between multiple qualified candidates.

And the then close…Jeff is a master at this. He helps candidates understand the full value of compensation packages as well as the intangibles like commute and work environment and growth opportunities. We were almost always looking at candidates with multiple offers, so Jeff’s “selling skills” were one of the things that really made us successful.

I wish Jeff the best of luck and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again

Virginia Wright
Strategic Marketing Management Professional

Jeff’s long list of endorsements come from HR and recruiting professionals. He’s no doubt done an excellent job for them. This endorsement is a little different. I’m a former candidate of Jeff’s who didn’t get the job. BUT – in this day and age when it’s commonplace for the “losing” candidates to get a terse rejection email if they get any closure at all, I wanted to recognize Jeff for taking the time to share the disappointing news himself. His feedback during the process has been most helpful. That personal touch is a very rare thing – unfortunately – and speaks highly of his approach to recruiting. It shows an awful lot of class – for Jeff and any company he may represent.

Martin Burns
Global Recruitment Strategist | Author | Big Thinker | PwC Leader

I have quite frankly lost track of the number of times I’ve overheard someone say “Jeff’s the best recruiter I’ve ever met”.

I can’t argue with it. I hired Jeff on the recommendation of one of the industry’s true thought leaders, and I’m thrilled I did. He’s become more than just a leader in the organization, he’s become a true friend that I’ll be in touch with for the rest of my life. He’s honest, honorable, thoughtful, brilliant, and incredibly funny. Also: he can pull a hat out of a rabbit, in terms of how well he recruits. The guy’s an encyclopedia of skills and tools, constantly pushing the envelope to increase his skill-set.

Here’s how it goes: last year, Jeff was my first hire. Within a few months of hiring him in New York City, he’d fixed a significant problem I’d inherited in New York when I took on my role at Mobiquity. Our next burning bridge was fixing a critical hiring & recruiting issue in San Francisco. Jeff, our colleague Alex, and I parachuted into San Francisco (all of this was on about a week’s heads-up), lived there for two weeks, and got solutions in place.

Then: he agreed to move cross country, to keep the solution rolling. In the past 10 months he’s not only fixed it, he’s improved everything about the division. He’s gone from recruiter, to de facto HR business partner for the office. He assisted in finding perm space, in the move, retention, all of it. Also: all of this with a smile, and never a complaint.

I hear from my peers in the Bay Area, from time-to-time. Recruiting and HR leaders and name-brand companies, that usually get the people they want. Things like “where did you guys come from?? You’re getting all the best people!” It’s all Jeff.

Highly, nay: hugely recommended. You’ll be lucky to get to work with him

Paul Cohan
Senior Recruiter at Cloudera, Inc.

Jeff was a pleasure to work with. He introduced sourcing tools that I never heard of and most of them are free. I added many of them to my tool box and recommend them to my peers. Jeff has a smooth style with candidates and a sense of urgency in the case of offers which is what any organization needs above all else. I recommend him highly.


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